Ben's Pantry

Ben simply wants the best for his best friend. So here at Benni & Penni, we believe in the mantra “simple is as simple does” when drying our jerky treats. Some “Jerky” companies use ingredients such as corn, wheat, soy, flavor enhancers and other fillers in their ingredient deck, but all of Ben’s limited ingredient formulas utilize natural and wholesome ingredients. Ben works to provide the purest jerky for your pet by minimizing what goes into our products.

Our treats are crafted in Southern California in small batches using a simple dehydration process combined with 100% USA naturally sourced ingredients.

Fresh natural ingredients

From the high quality ingredients to the bag itself, Ben ONLY utilizes ingredients and materials from the US. Not only does Ben use 100% USA ingredients but equally important is that Ben crafts ALL his treats right in Southern California! There are many “jerky” treats out in the marketplace, but are these really jerky? Most of these “jerky” treats are oven baked opposed to being dehydrated, what’s the difference you ask?


  • The dehydration process retains almost 100% of the nutritional content of the treat.
  • The dehydration process locks in the flavors and meaty taste in the treats.

Oven Baked:

  • Oven baking is “cooking” the treat opposed to “drying” the treat.
  • Even at the lowest heat setting, temperature is too high.
  • Oven baking causes a loss of nutrients, flavors, and taste.